You don’t need traditional media driven PR! I’m serious, you don’t need this PR even a little bit.

Calgary public relations dead 2020 rules of PR


Traditional public relations is dead. All of the journalists retired 30 years ago; the next wave were writers for media companies who were fired 3 years ago. There’s no one left who cares about a good story.

You might get lucky and be used as an expert source, but that’s about it.

Since PR is dead, how are you going to get the attention you need for your business?

Digital Marketing – you become the publisher, you create your own public relations.

  1. Content Marketing
  2. SEO
  3. Google Ads
  4. Social Media

These are the new PR tools.

If you follow Twitter or Reddit, you’ll notice stories break there first. Reddit’s r/calgary and r/alberta have all the relevant stories break there first. If a story gets enough upvotes, then traditional media may pick up the story and print it in a newspaper no one reads or on a TV news program that no one watches.

More people will hear your positive business story on LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube than from any local newspaper or TV station.

Digital marketing has become so powerful that five years ago, I stopped my cold calling lead generation business and used its website to promote SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media. Now, I’m doing the same for Matterhorn PR; forget writing press releases and hoping a news writer picks it up. Run the story yourself and control the process.

What’s even better is that you can measure everything from page views, length of time on the page, likes, shares, comments, and even how people found your story.

Not only is traditional media driven PR a waste of your time, its replacement is even better than PR ever was.

If you are a progressive thinker, then call us and let us build your brand better than the media ever could.

David Howse
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*The only reason I think any form of media relations still exists is the romanticized notion of credibility in traditional PR. The ability to write on your website, “As seen on X TV show,” or “See the story about us in X magazine/newspaper” is still something that the 50-year-old plus generation may still care about… but that’s about it.