#LeanInTogether Canada

Matterhorn PR has worked with Calgary business woman Debby Carreau since 2012. The #LeaninTogether campaign is a sample of the latest work we’ve done with Mrs. Carreau.



Inspired HR partners with Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In foundation and the NBA/WNBA to bring #LeanIn Together to Canada.

CALGARY AB (March 5, 2015) – Canadian HR company, Inspired HR is excited to announce that we have partnered with LeanIn.Org and the NBA/WNBA to bring #LeanInTogether to Canada. Lean In Together is focused on men and their important role in reaching equality.

#LeanInTogether is a public awareness campaign chaired by Facebook President, Sheryl Sandberg in partnership with the NBA/WNBA. The program focuses on men and their important role in reaching gender equality. The campaign emphasizes how men benefit from supporting women such as happier marriages, more successful children, and better team outcomes — and provides practical information on how men can do their part at home and at work.

Other partners include, Nissan Motors, Google, Facebook, KPMG, Microsoft, Clorox, MasterCard, Virgin and the sole Canadian partner Calgary’s Inspired HR. “In Canada we need to leverage all of our talent to continue to meet the demands of our growing economy. This means men and women together. This is not a men’s or women’s issue, it is a business issue. Leaning in together will benefit organizations, families and our greater economy” says Debby Carreau CEO of Inspired HR and Lean In premiere partner.

Men who support women at work outperform their peers, and diverse teams and companies produce better results. Fathers who participate in caregiving are more patient, empathetic, and flexible and enjoy greater job satisfaction. Couples that share responsibilities have stronger marriages and more sex. Children with involved fathers are healthier, happier, and more successful.

At leanintogether.org, you’ll find tips and resources focused on practical, everyday steps that they can take to support their wives, children and female coworkers. In addition, everyone at [company name] can see NBA/WNBA players, influencers and everyday all-stars coming together to show their support for 50/50 equality. “This is a really exciting time for Inspired HR because we are able to partner on such an important initiative. We know from our hands-on experience in organizations that both men and women are looking for ways to thrive at work and at home. #LeanInTogether provides pragmatic advice and starts an important conversation in the workplace and at home” says Carreau.

Inspired HR will be supplementing the social media campaign with events such as:

  • On Take Your Children to Work Day (April 23rd), we’ll celebrate parents in the workplace with an emphasis on men leaning in to fatherhood.
  • In May, we’ll host a “Bring a Man” event to discuss gender and female leadership
  • On Father’s Day (June 21st), we’ll participate in LeanIn.Org’s social media campaign to celebrate fathers who are helping their daughters aim high.
  • Ongoing traditional Lean In events will be held throughout the spring.