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Client: Komplete Design Build

Using Pre-Fabricated Materials to Rebuild Fort McMurray


During the horrific forest fire in May 2016, the city of Fort McMurray lost over 2,400 homes and buildings when the fire was unable to be controlled for two months. Once the fire was under control, it was reported that 10% of the city’s buildings were destroyed. If you owned a small business that was destroyed by the wild fire, you are probably looking for a fast, affordable way to rebuild and get back in business. Design-build construction might be the answer.


Design-build is a type of construction that uses pre-fabricated materials to construct buildings on a reduced timeline at an affordable price. This option is often cheaper than regular construction because the materials do not have to be built on site. Design-build projects can be completed quickly since the pre-engineered materials arrive on site ready to be put together. Another benefit to design-build construction is that you only deal with one company for the entire project.


From start to finish, a design-build team will plan your building, order the necessary materials, construct and assemble the building, and complete the building to your exact liking. If you have a building that needs to be rebuilt quickly at an affordable rate, design-build construction could be a smart alternative to standard construction.

Komplete Design-Build is a Calgary-based design-build construction company that focuses on using integrated design in pre-engineered buildings across Alberta and British Columbia. Fort McMurray Design Build prides itself in completing the entire job from start to finish, including anything planning and managing to design and construction. By using this company to help rebuild your Fort McMurray business, your building will be completed sooner than regular construction and will be constructed to your exact liking by one highly-experienced team.