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Client: Vizzn Inc

Vizzn’s Construction Safety Software is Making Software to Optimize the Construction Industry

Heavy Civil Construction Software company, Vizzn Inc. has a construction safety automation module perfect for heavy civil construction. Vizzn provides innovative solutions that help the construction industry manage and streamline its workflows.

Vizzn, the developer of a construction automation platform, by the same name, features a module for Construction Safety Software. Vizzn is a company that specializes in developing software solutions for the construction industry. Their flagship product is a dispatch and scheduling platform that helps construction companies manage their projects more effectively. In addition to the construction safety platform, Vizzn offers a suite of other tools to assist with job-site logistics, construction management, and extra billings. Vizzn is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.

Vizzn Owner and Employees

Rick Salmon, the president and founder of Vizzn, is a highly innovative thinker with a passion for lifelong learning. He is constantly looking for ways to improve systems and solve problems, believing that “agile” must be a mindset before it can be a methodology. His keen interests include collaboration technology, data-driven decision-making, and system architecture.
Before starting Vizzn, Rick was a Solutions Architect with OPIsystems Inc., an Appliance, Electrical, and Electronics company. He has also worked for various companies in Canada. Rick holds a Bachelor of Management Information Systems from the University of Lethbridge.
The employees of Vizzn share Rick’s passion for innovation and lifelong learning. They are constantly looking for ways to improve the company’s software solutions and make them even more user-friendly and efficient. They work closely as a team, always striving to find new ways to improve the company’s products.

Vizzn Construction Software

Vizzn is a software company that specializes in construction automation software. Their products help with everything from estimating and dispatching to scheduling and construction management. In addition, the company’s tools can also be used for things like job site logistics, extra billings, and environmental and quality control.
Vizzn’s products are designed to work with existing software solutions and established workflows, not replace them. This allows users to maintain their current best practices while benefiting from the added functionality of Vizzn’s products.

Vizzn’s Heavy Civil Construction Software Product Line

Some of the software products offered by Vizzn include:

Heavy Civil Construction Dispatch and Scheduling Platform

The Vizzn Dispatch and Scheduling Platform is a tool that every division in a construction company can use to organize and schedule their daily activities. Divisions operating Vizzn dispatching provide transparency of their activities to other divisions and leaders on impacted job sites.
The Vizzn Dispatch and Scheduling Platform enable construction companies to see upcoming events and outstanding dispatches, all filtered as needed. It provides construction companies with the status of all the equipment on their sites, knowing the exact timing of equipment delivery, material delivery, and fuel delivery – to the minute – a day in advance.

Heavy Civil Construction Project Cost Estimating

Bidding on construction projects is a complex and time-consuming process.
Estimators must consider many factors, including the proximity of structures, environmental challenges, the need for removal and reconstruction of roads and sidewalks, conflicts with overhead powerlines, or misunderstanding site boundaries. One small mistake can be very costly. In the past, estimators would have to rely on 2D drawings to try to visualize the project site and potential challenges.
This process is no longer necessary, thanks to Vizzn Inc. and its innovative solution called “Walk the Drawings.” With this game-changing feature, an estimator can open any drawings on their phone. Using the phone’s GPS, they can walk those exact electronic drawings as they physically walk the construction site itself.

Construction Management Software

Vizzn’s construction management software is an interactive tool that allows users to better manage construction projects by providing insurance for errors and omissions against potential legal disputes that could arise from poor communication during the construction process.
This software is a great way to manage construction projects and provides a way for users to insure themselves against potential legal disputes arising from poor communication during the construction process.

Project Scheduler

Project Scheduler is a highly innovative software solution from Vizzn explicitly designed for the heavy construction industry. This software provides contractors with a clear and accurate picture of their future equipment requirements, allowing them to make more informed decisions about buying, repairing, renting, and selling equipment. The software is easy to use and provides users with a holistic view of their company’s equipment needs, making it an essential tool for any construction business.

Heavy Civil Construction Safety Software

As mentioned, Vizzn is a must-have tool for heavy civil construction.

Construction Software Development Industry Outlook

Vizzn’s construction automation and project management software is used throughout Canada and the United States. While much of the development happens in Canada, the bigger construction markets or Arizona, Texas, California, etc. offer a broader testing ground. The employment outlook is good for software developers in the Calgary region from 2021-2023. The primary reasons are an increase in retirements within the field and an increase in tech-based companies within Calgary. According to the Alberta Enterprise Corporation, there are over 2,800 tech companies in Alberta, a 203% increase since 2012.
Most of these businesses are based in Calgary, so the demand for software developers will continue to rise sharply. The Conference Board of Canada expects employment in Calgary’s professional, scientific, and technical services sector, where most people in this occupation work, will continue to grow through 2025. The average wage for a software developer in Calgary is $39.83/hr but highly skilled developers and earn much more. With construction management software industry expecting huge growth, finding a job should not be difficult.

Skills to Be Successful in Heavy Civil Construction Software

Some basic skills for a software developer include the ability to code, debug, and test programs and work with others in a team environment. However, success in this field also requires creative expression and analytical abilities to develop innovative solutions to challenges.

Client Reviews

With a google star rating of 5/5, Vizzn’s products have been praised by users.

“Great program! Has cut down my phone time and makes it very simple to dispatch subcontractors.” – Rycki Murphy

“This software is amazing. It’s helped me stay organized and on top of my game. I would recommend it to anyone in construction.” – Daniel Smith.



Vizzn has quickly become a favourite tool for construction companies and project managers because of its highly innovative software solutions. The company’s products have helped to streamline the construction process and make it more efficient. With its suite of software products, Vizzn is poised to continue its growth in the construction industry.