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Client: Q Haute Cuisine

Q Haute Cuisine

Celebrating Ten Years as Calgary’s Premiere Dining Destination

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Our relationship with Q Haute Cuisine began through David Howse Marketing in early 2011. At the time, word on the street was that telephone directories were beyond dead, Search Engine Optimization was the buzz word, and Social Media Marketing was facilitating customer relationships in ways advertising never could.

Our first order of business was to do a marketing audit. With a list of where every marketing dollar went Marcello and David Howse met with each of the people and companies who had sold Q Haute Cuisine marketing services. None of them could provide any rationale as to how they were helping Q. We dumped them all.

The result was a 50-percent reduction in marketing expenses but a measurable increase in marketing ROI. As the years passed the fine tuning and growth continued. A lot of events have been held a Q. A lot of great marketing activities went on too. One marketing campaign of note was the Top Restaurants in Canada. By Calgary diners and international travels to our City, Q is considered one of the top restaurants in Canada. Oddly, Vacay missed this fact and it is likely that no judges visited the restaurant during the voting process. The end result was Q placing in the top five as picked by the actual patrons but it didn’t place on any of the other lists requiring a judge’s vote. The Vacay experience told us that we were focusing on exactly what we needed to be – the customer. When you are chosen as the best in Canada by patrons, nothing else matters.

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Since 2011, David Howse Marketing has created two websites for Q Haute and has managed several of their other marketing activities. The latest work we did for Q was our work in Q’s three page article in the July 2015 Business in Calgary Magazine.

Marcello and Chef, congratulations on ten-years and we look forward to working with you for several more.

Calgary Restaurant Public Relations

Until 2008, the Calgary dining experience was always the same in one aspect – it was menu driven. Chef Michele Aurigemma wanted to bring something innovative to Calgary. In 2008 Chef made the bold move to remove the menu from the dining experience. Much like a theatrical event, the customer would now be taken on a journey of the palate. “This wasn’t anything new in cuisine but, as a Calgarian, I knew it was a bold move as the change was new to our market. It turned out that Calgary was more than ready for a new dining experience,” said Aurigemma.

For an amazing dining experience in Calgary, ask to be taken to the kitchen to meet Chef Michelle (‘me-kelly’). It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.

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