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Gauging pubic and peer perceptions of your construction company has many benefits. The ability to properly position you marketing, B2B, and B2C sales strategies is a valuable asset.

Construction industry PR is more than having a Facebook page or spending $100K+ on advertising.

Consider the following as part of your PR strategy:

  1. Public and peer perceptions: current and future goals
  2. Current PR Opportunities
  3. Positioning for future PR opportunities
  4. Image Management
  5. Crisis management planning

There is a long list of possibilities that a good PR strategy can afford you Calgary construction company. Most Calgary construction companies have no PR strategy; this makes for great opportunities for progressive management to seize the lion’s share of what’s available.

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Canadas safest employer 2014 Borger Construction Calgary
The 2014 Award for Canada’s Safest Employer went to Calgary’s Borger Group. Canada’s Safest Employer 2014.

Borger Construction Calgary PR

Safest Construction Companies in Calgary

May 12, 2013

Calgary, Alta

Calgary’s Borger Group of Companies is proud to be the first Canadian construction company to rollout the Respect in the Workplace™ certification for all of its employees.

“We recognize that in order to attract the best people we need to strive towards having the best working environment” said the company’s President Bill Borger Jr. Borger is optimistic that this program will beneficial to Borger’s already family oriented culture – “everyone does the same mandatory program before entering a job site or our office, I did the program before asking the team to do it” he continued.

Almost 60% of working Canadians have experienced or witnessed workplace harassment, according to a survey released by Queen’s School of Business at Queen’s University and the construction industry often gets a bad rap in this regard. Contrary to construction industry stereo types about aggressive behaviour, Borger has tried to create a culture built on a foundation of respect, safety, and shared accountability.

“One of the best ways to deal with workplace culture issues such as bullying and harassment is to find ways to prevent it in the first place. What often stands in the way is the confidence to deal with these issues head on, particularly for front line workers and supervisors. In many businesses the typical response is to turn a blind eye, which never makes things better. Preventative programs like Borger’s are a good opportunity to start the conversation about the behaviours that align with your core values and expectations, says Debby Carreau, President of Inspired HR.

About Borger Group of Companies: A family owned construction conglomerate started in 1919 specializing in underground, earthmoving and transportation services. It employs over 300 people. Contact Borger Group: 7719 40th Street S.E., Calgary, AB, Canada T2C 2G9 Telephone (403) 279-7235, Fax (403) 279-6943

About Respect in the Workplace: Respect Group was founded by Sheldon Kennedy and Wayne McNeil, to pursue their common passion; the prevention of abuse, bullying and harassment. Respect Group created a best-in-class e-learning platform, designed for mass consumption. Expert content and a professional on-line certification model round out Respect Group’s fully outsourced risk management/behavior change solutions for sport, schools and the workplace.

Contact Respect Group: Kylee Evans-O’Reilly – Contact Matterhorn PR: David Howse Tel (403) 991-8863 Email: