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Client: Darren Biedermann’s Supreme menswear

Darren Biedermann’s Supreme menswear

The Biedermann Shirt

biedermann shirts

Biedermann shirts Calgary Canada

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David Howse operates on his own, “no sweat off my back policy.” That means, if he is at your place of business and there is a period where nothing is going on then he is quite likely to pull out his camera and do an impromptu photoshoot, train your staff on some marketing tools, or anything else that is anything other than waiting for the next thing happen. David hates wasting time. Below: Two of Supreme’s superstar fashion gurus model while David and Darren take a short break in their meeting. Cost of this photos shoot with graphic design work $0 – what anyone else would charge, $2500 and up.

biedermann shirts calgary

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