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Client: Andrea Kladar’s 100 for 100

Andrea Kladar’s 100 for 100

In the Spring of 2013 we had the pleasure of working with Calgary’s Andrea Kladar on her 100for100 campaign. The results say it all; please read Andrea’s testimonial to David Howse of Matterhorn PR:

David Howse is a Marketing Rock Star! I had an important project, the campaign, that needed not only a marketing expert but someone who could take all the assets of the campaign and put a plan behind them, implement a strategy, and finally work with me to take care all the tactical aspects – and all in 14 days!

Not only did David do it all he did most of it while we sat together in our meetings. I would explain a concept and before I knew it he would say, “you mean this?” then turn his computer toward me and everything I wanted was ready to go. He can take an idea and turn it in to a story in seconds which may turn in to what your website menu needs to be, how you will communicate with your clients, or even a full blown story printed in the Calgary Herald.

“By the time the Herald article happened I was
getting used to being amazed by David.”

Calgary PR get story in the Calgary Herald

As a business owner you have these choices, do it yourself and never know better, hire a big marketing firm that will eat your whole operations budget, hire someone who calls themselves a “marketer” and delivers anything but quality marketing, or hire David Howse and get a service that no marketing company can give at a price that is truly an investment in your own future. It’s simple, just call David.

– Andrea Kladar, CIM
Kladar Wealth Advisory Group, TD Wealth Private Investment Advice

(403) 299-3270

What is 100 for 100?

100 FOR 100 is a commitment to run 100 km to save 100 animals.The best thing you can do is visit Andrea Kladar’s 100 for 100 website.