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Marc Bombenon

Marc Bombenon is synonymous with Calgary business. Since building PDLCC over 30 years ago (his flagship company), a lifelong passion in aviation culminating in the recent venture of MBE Jets, becoming a recipient of The Gordon & Kathy Laing Memorial Award, or his leadership role in supporting the Calgary Stampeders CFL team, Mark is a true Calgarian at heart.

Matterhorn PR teamed up with Marc Bombenon in 2011. Marc will be the first person to tell you that we are not your typical PR firm. Since, and as we have stared in other parts of our website, we are a marketing driven PR firm, we look at everything from a holistic perspective.

Marc Bombenon is the Chairman of SureCall Contact Centers Ltd, as well as a Business Advisor and Mentor who is located in Calgary, Alberta. Prior to the inception of his company, Marc moved from Montreal to Calgary in 1982 and immediately joined the telecommunications industry. Inspired by the 1960’s TV show Star Trek and its seemingly far-fetched communication technology, Marc jumped into communications and worked towards developing new ideas and forms of communicating. His career started with pagers and two-way radios, then moved on to cellular phones, high-speed Internet and wireless data.

As mentioned above, Marc is the Chairman of Surecall Contact Centers Ltd. which was founded in 1979. This call center can be hired to provide excellent customer service by answering phones and replying to emails 24/7 for 365 days of the year. Continually improving communication is one of Marc’s passions, therefore he strives to assist other individuals and their companies when they need to cut costs, are short staffed or looking to improve their customer service.

Marc also has a passion for mentoring and advising others. Throughout his career, Marc has worked with numerous successful businesses in industries such as: Food and Beverage, Aviation, Strategic Planning, and consistently Telecommunications. Within these industries, Marc won countless awards – Excellence, Distinction, Consumer’s Choice, and Integrity Ethics and Quality Above all Else to name a few. Because of his well-rounded career, Marc offers advice and assistance to friends and family in their business endeavors.

As if he is not busy enough already, Marc finds time to volunteer with charitable organizations and events around Calgary. He served as a trustee, Chair of the Audit committee, and Vice-Chair on the board of the Alberta Cancer Foundation throughout his career. Marc is an active member of the charitable community in Calgary and supports as many charities as he can find time for.

SureCall’s Technology

Marc Bombenon enjoys evolving technology that improves your life and business. That’s why SureCall offers technology that is so easy to use and worry free. SureCall’s technology does not get in the way of their client’s businesses.

As our technology assists our clients with their every day jobs, that they count on SureCall to ensure a smooth transition from customer to company representative. Our technology is extremely intelligent and accurate. It’s error free when handling calls because it is correct and consistent. The software is pre-loaded with possible questions a client may ask by you the owner. So, when our call representatives answer phone calls for your company, they are prepared since the questions are already in our database. SureCall makes authenticity looks easy.
We act as your office, who is constantly looking out for you by making appointments and reservations for you online. Our technology is limitless and it allows SureCall’s representatives to handle effortlessly the taking of orders, payment processing and order confirmation. As technology progressives so do we; our clients will never miss a fax because it is redirected to their clients’ smart phones, no matter where they are.

This technology and service allows our clients to never miss a sale. No matter the time, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year because there will always be a prompt, courteous SureCall representative ready to take your call. You will never have to worry about your competitors because we will ensure you will never miss a call. We will answer all the queries your clients’ have and ensure they are well taken care of because we genuinely believe in your company. We understand that staying on top of things and answering your clients’ questions is the difference between a sale and a non-sale.

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