Bill Borger

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Client: Bill Borger

Bill Borger


Bill Borger Jr. of Calgary, Alberta is the whole reason Matterhorn PR exists. When Matterhorn PR President David Howse received a phone call from Bill back in 2010 David had no idea he would be in for the ride of his life.

The first assignment was handling a tidal wave of press inquiries related to Borger becoming the first-Canadian-ever to have both swum the English Channel (2001) and climb Mt. Everest (2011).

Borger on the Internet

As of July 24, 2012 a Google query for “Bill Borger” Everest returns 3,940 results. At the peak of the story there were over 8,000 websites (media outlets and aggregators) posting the story. Within 24 hours of Thor, a Goolge query for [“Bill Borger” Thor] returned 109 results; by December 5, 2013 that search number increased to 662 results.

If anyone knows Bill, they know he is equally generous, friendly, and demanding. Bill is a total pleasure to work with; as President of the Borger group of companies Bill handles the high pressure world of building Calgary’s underground infrastructure. If you take only one step in Calgary you are probably walking on top of WRD Borger Construction Ltd.’s work. This line of work is demanding on all levels with no room for error – we’re talking about what a city sits on and that foundation has to be solid.

If you would like to know more about Bill Borger Jr. click the Peak & Pond link on the right. Take some time to learn how Bill raised over $500,000 for the Calgary Handi-Bus.