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Matterhorn PR is not your typical PR agency; we are leaders at public relations representation within an overall business and marketing structure. We are marketers first – public relations is just one tool. – David Howse, President


“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

– Warren Buffet

Our History

Matterhorn PR started shortly after David Howse and Bill Borger Jr. worked together on Bill’s $600,000 Calgary Handi-Bus fundraiser / Mount Everest Expedition of May 2011. This collaboration began in November of 2010 and saw Bill become the first-Canadian-ever (fifth-ever in the world) to have both swum the English Channel and to have climbed Mt. Everest.
Not only was over $500,000 raised for the Calgary Handi-Bus but together Bill and David created a blueprint for public relations management, strategies, and tactics. This blueprint has since been used for MANY of our clients.
The testimony to this venture is that Bill and David now share a strong friendship and regularly meet to discuss business strategies for Borger Group of Companies and for
David Howse Marketing.

“David Howse – Matterhorn PR – its been a blast – as a friend and a media guru I appreciate your catering to my stylings and exposure allowances and never letting the media set the pace.

– Bill Borger Jr., President WRD Borger Construction Ltd.; the fifth person ever & first Canadian to have swum the English Channel and climb Mount Everest.”

– Bill Borger

Borger Group of Companies, (Alberta)

” With a very tight window between our initial meeting and the day of our media event, David was critical in attracting attention within the Calgary media (and beyond) . In addition, his assistance before, during and after the event was professional, timely, and comprehensive. Our media event was a great success as a result.”

– Paul Ryneveld

Century Downs G.M

” David Howse is a Marketing Rock Star! I had an important project, the campaign, that needed not only a marketing expert but someone who could take all the assets of the campaign and put a plan behind them, implement a strategy, and finally work with me to take care all the tactical aspects – and all in 14 days!

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– Andrea Kladar

Vice President, Private Client Group at Fisher Investments.

Below are a few examples of the recent projects we have worked on. We provide public relations services in Calgary for:
Prominent business people – New Businesses -News-worthy developments in existing businesses – Not-for-profit events – Crisis management – General PR management

century downs racetrack calgary public relations

Century Downs Racetrack and Casino, Calgary, Alberta

In 2013, Matterhorn PR began its relationship with Century Casinos. Working with Paul Ryneveld, now General Manager, Century Downs Racetrack and Casino, we set up a PR strategy starting with the Ground Breaking Ceremony of December, 2013 and finishing with the April 25, 2015 first day of horse racing at Century Downs. Read more on our Calgary Media Relations.

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Inspired HR partners with Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In foundation and the NBA/WNBA to bring #LeanIn Together to Canada.

CALGARY AB (March 5, 2015) – Calgary HR company, Inspired HR is excited to announce that we have partnered with LeanIn.Org and the NBA/WNBA to bring #LeanInTogether to Canada. Lean In Together is focused on men and their important role in reaching equality. Read more on #LeaninTogether in Canada.#LeaninTogether in Canada.

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David Howse Calgary Marketer PR

Almost everyone has heard of Mount Everest but if a photo of Everest was in a random line-up of other mountain photos very few would be able to pick it out. Unlike Everest, The Matterhorn is easily the most recognizable mountain but it is only a small fraction the size of Everest. Sometimes you can’t compete head-on with number one and in those cases you need a good strategy to maximize what you do have.

Consider the photo above. Why is the Mona Lisa the most famous painting in the world? It is small, most people are not affluent enough in art to tell you why it is so good and, if you stood next to it long enough you would hear more than one person say, “that’s it????” with a tone of disappointment.

Maybe for some things or people it is all about the story.

What’s Your Story?

Welcome to Matterhorn PR, a Calgary-based PR firm with a global reach. If you are a member of the media and are looking for information on one of our clients, click on his or her name on the above menu. If you can’t find what you are looking for please call 403-991-8863.

Matterhorn PR offers a very hands-on public relations and marketing service to high profile businesses and people. Several Calgary YPO members, not all of whom are listed on this website, use our service because:

  • We have an outstanding track record – all of our business comes from referrals, we don’t solicit
  • We understand the nature of your personal life and your business life and we create a custom strategy that works for both
  • David Howse, the President of Matterhorn PR, manages your PR and only hands off less sensitive tasks to his team

Our Values:

  • Loyalty: like a dog.
  • Honesty: David is known for telling it as he sees it so don’t expect a “yes-man.”
  • Dedication: if you look bad, we look bad; if you love us, we get your referral. We want your referral.
  • Team work: both client and agency have to be on the same page and cooperating to pull of something special.
  • Operational Efficiency: when working with the kinds of clients we work with, not wasting anyone’s time or money is quite obvious. We promise to never waste yours.
  • Execution: we love it when a plan comes together.
  • Responsibility: we don’t pass off mistakes, you are paying us to get it done and done correctly.



From these five links you can visit the different elements of public relations. Let’s start with a Definition of PR. Here’s a little more about public relations Forbes on PR. News agencies broker stories and can help get you published Thomson Reuters.

The Associated Press is probably the most important news service AP. There are many companies that support public relations efforts such as PR News Wire but many of them are not worth the fees. Results tend to be poor.

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